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Daytona Snow Goggle Guide: Lenses and Fit

Daytona Snow Goggle Guide

Choosing the best goggle and lens combination is just as important as choosing the right helmet.  That's why we created a guide to assist in choosing what goggle and lens combination will best suit your ride!

Daytona Snow Goggle Guide: Goggles

The most important component of a goggle is the lens.  It is what determines the fit and look of a goggle along with it's performance.  There are a few different lens shapes that will determine the shape of the goggle.  A spherical lens will give your goggle a "bubble" look while a cylindrical lens will give your goggle a "flat" look.  A spherical lens goggle, our Range goggle, offers a more seamless fit and a cylindrical lens goggle, our Scope goggle, offers a low-profile fit.  Both perform great but are dependent upon your helmet fit and preference!

Daytona Snow Goggle Guide: Goggle Features

Besides the lens of a goggle, there are other important features to consider! Daytona's Range and Scope goggles provide many features such as frame ventilation, a thick 3-layer foam padding, a magnetic frame for an easy lens swap, an adjustable, silicone-backed goggle strap for the perfect fit and are OTG compatible!

Daytona Snow Goggle Guide: Lens Shapes

Daytona offers snow goggles and lenses in two different shapes: spherical and cylindrical.  The Scope Goggle has a cylindrical lens shape and can be switched out with our Scope Replacement Lenses.  The Range Goggle has a spherical lens shape and can also be switched out with our Range Replacement Lenses

Cylindrical Lens:

A cylindrical lens curves on the x-axis only, giving it a curved and vertically flat look.  These have a low-profile design that some say have a retro feel.  


  • Cylindrical lenses allow riders to have a wide range view with a less distorted peripheral vision.
  • They are low-profile, so they will fit almost every helmet!

Spherical Lens:

A spherical lens curves on both the x-axis and y-axis, giving it a bubble look.  This type of lens mimics the shape of a human eye, allowing it to be more optically correct.  


  • Spherical lenses provide broad views with little distortion and glare.
  • The design of the lens is less prone to fogging.
  • The spherical shape helps the eye focus and won't cause strain.

Daytona Snow Goggle Guide: Lens Tints & VLT

The tint of the lens is what allows riders to see better or worse in different conditions.  That is why it is important to have lenses in different tints and more importantly pair them with the correct condition.

VLT (Visible Light Transmission):

VLT is the amount of light that can travel through the lens to your eye.  The higher the percentage, the more light that can pass through.  The lower the percentage, the less light that can pass through.  Lenses with high VLT's are for lower light conditions like cloudy.  Lenses with low VLT's are for higher light conditions like sunny.

Sunny Partly Cloudy Overcast
Our mirror lens is great for sunny, bright conditions. Our blue lens is great for mid light conditions like partly cloudy. Our orange lens is great for low light conditions like overcast.
VLT = 4% VLT = 15% VLT = 35%





Each lens has a colored tint that has a certain VLT percentage.  Platinum, black or red tints are for brighter, sunny conditions.  Blue, green or rose tints are for mid light conditions like partly cloudy.  Yellow, amber or orange tints are for low light conditions like cloudy.  Some lenses have a mirror coating over their tint color to reflect light, reduce glare and prevent squinting.

Daytona Scope Lens:

  • Mirror tint- 4% VLT, sunny conditions.
  • Blue tint, mirror coated- 15% VLT, partly cloudy.
  • Orange tint- 35% VLT, overcast conditions.

Daytona Range Lens:

  • Mirror tint- 4% VLT, sunny conditions.
  • Blue tint, mirror coated- 15% VLT, partly cloudy.
  • Orange tint- 35% VLT, overcast conditions.

Daytona Snow Goggle Guide: Lens Features & Treatments

All of our snow lenses are curated with advanced technologies within the coatings and resurfacing to provide the clearest visibility. This is a crucial step to our production process to create high-quality lenses that perform in any condition! 


  • Double-layered for fog prevention.
  • Polycarbonate injection molded.
  • Magnetic for a quick swap.


  • UV protective coating for harmful UV rays.
  • Polarized lens to eliminate glare and prevent eye fatigue (mirror lens).
  • Anti-scratch coated.
  • Anti-fog coated.
  • REVO coating.
  • High-definition resurfacing for sharp vision.

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