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Could Have Been My Skull!

I just want to thank you for a great product y'all produce. I was involved in a motorcycle vs. deer accident and the hard impact on the back of my head cracked the helmet in half. If it wasn't for your great product that could of been my skull. Again thank you for doing what you do in providing comfortable and safe helmets.

Jordan Carley

I will ONLY buy Daytona helmets from this day forward!

I wanted to thank your company for literally saving my daughters and my lives! On Saturday 6/25 while on a small cruise with 4 other bikes a USPS truck pulled into the middle of our group and ran into my daughter and I on my bike. My head bounced off the hood of the truck and my daughter landed head first on the road. If it wasn't for your helmets I wouldn't be typing this right now. I will ONLY buy Daytona helmets from this day forward (after I get a new bike) God bless you all Tim and Natalie Gagnier Springfield Vermont

Tim Gagnier

Helped Save Me!

On 22 December 2020 a car ran a stop sign and hit me. Luckily I had my 3/4 helmet on. After a coma and still in therapy, I’m grateful for this brand of helmets I still have it and I’ll never forget.

Jose Cintron

Glide saved my life

I want to let you know that your helmet saved my life on the 29th of last month I had a SUV on 35 mph pulled out in front of me and your helmet saved my life I just want to call and tell you that thank you so much saving my life


Best fitting 3/4 helmet I’ve found

I bought your 3/4 helmet because it fit better than any other helmet brand I tried and as a bonus it‚Äôs low profile so no bobble head look. Came with a nice carry bag as well. I will say that I wear a medium in your helmet but usually wear a small (head size 22‚ÄĚ). Thanks for making a great fitting/looking helmet!


Best purchase yet!

This helmet really did its job! Not quite sure how to add pictures but my road king was totaled by a mustang. Best purchase yet!

Frank Ketchens

Saved my life

I just got my second helmet from y’all because the first literally saved my life, I stayed in the hospital for months due to other injuries but everything was great for my head and I am grateful so I decided to get the same kind of helmet.

Nicholas Conger

Yesterday I had a low side accident at 55mph

Yesterday I had a low side accident at 55mph. The only thing I remember is the back tire going out from under me and my head hitting the ground. I was released from ER 4 hours later after a brain scan. I came out of it with only some road rash on my leg. I'll be ordering another one. Thank you! Here's link to the pic of the helmet. 

Roger Schmidt


 I just wanted to thank you for making my helmet, it saved my life when i was in a bad accident a few weeks ago. I hit my head so hard on the impact that my helmet cracked but still kept me safe. The EMT and doctors in the hospital all told my that this helmet saved my life and I would not be here today without it. I bought my Daytona helmet a couple years ago and I am very thankful that I did. It is a 3 quarters style helmet and when I hit the back of my head on the ground that is the part that actually cracked. My Harley was totaled but my brain was not and I have you all to thank for that. I would really like to send your company pictured of me In the hospital holding up my helmet. I am not able to include pictures in this comment box, is there an email I can send them to? Thank you.


Great Product!!!!

 I just wanted to say thank you . I've got a big head and had a good fitting helmet in 20 years . My new daytona helmet fits perfectly . I was amazed at how light it was . I also purchased a full face for my son in law and he loves his also . Thanks for a superior product at a reasonable price .

Christopher Kerr


Hello, I want to take a moment to thank you for producing such a high quality product. Unfortunately, I was in a bad motorcycle accident, in which I was hurt quite badly (10 broken vertebrae and some broken ribs). By the grace of God, I’m still able to walk and have retained all of my faculties. During the accident, my head struck the asphalt quite hard while wearing one of your 1/2 helmets. Even though I loss consciousness and rolled an unknown number of times, I sustained no major head injuries. Thank you for providing a great product and a fair price. 



Just wanted to say Thank you I've been wearing this helmet for 3 years - 3 weeks ago had a car hit me head on at 40 mph Flew thru the air 30 feet broke pelvis - hand -leg and alot of rash but no head injury Even though helmet is trash now it did the trick and saved my life along with alot help from the big man upstairs THANK YOU!!

Tony Sexton

I received my skull cap helmet today and I'm absolutely in love.

I received my skull cap helmet today and I'm absolutely in love. It's everything you said it was and fits awesome! Thanks a ton for making a quality, well fitting helmet!

Michelle Entz

" You'll see me again as a satisfied customer. A+ "

Good afternoon,

Thanks for the time you spend to take care of my case.  You'll see me again as a satisfied customer. A+


"I wanted to thank you..."

I wanted to thank you for making a great helmet. I had to lay my motorcycle down in heavy traffic to avoid an accident . Walked away with road rash, dislocated shoulder and a lot of soreness. I banged my head on the pavement so hard it bounced and tore the helmet up. I was wearing a Daytona Cruiser 1/2 helmet with pull down visor.

There is no doubt it saved me from serious injury or death. Thank you for a great product.

Adam Johnson

"It saved his life"

Thank you SO much! My older brother had a motorcycle crash involving a Toyota RAV-4 and his Honda Shadow. He was wearing one of your German style helmets and it saved his life. All that was wrong with him is he lost 3 teeth. It totaled the bike and cracked the helmet's brim, but he was fine. He hit going 45 mph, bounced off of the Toyota, and rolled out in front of traffic. He stood up and walked to the other driver before calling 911. I would like to say thank you for protecting my brother and other riders alike.

Matthew Fillers

Your helmet saved my life

On October 21st, 2016 I was in a hit and run on my harley davidson while wearing your 3/4 helmet. I was going 40 and they were going 75 behind me. Hit me and dragged me 200 yards and left me unconscious in a puddle of blood. A lady stopped and found me in the road and waited until an ambulance arrived. The person was never caught. I survived and have nearly made a full recovery from my injuries. The helmet was in 4 pieces still attached to my head covered in blood. Your helmet saved my life and I am more than great full for that. I just finished building another bike and I purchased the same exact helmet from you. I will let forever trust your product and will only buy and recommend your helmets as I would have been dead if it weren't for your amazing product. Thank you very much to all of the men and women working in your facility. You may not think so but every day you work you are saving people's lives. Thank you for saving mine.

Lee Lopez

This helmet saved my life.

This helmet saved my life. I was in a accident at 55 mph and this helmet really took a hard impact and did a great job. Would not be here with out it.

Terry Berryhill

A voice from above, man that'll get yer attention!!

Ok check this s*#!*t out,

Man why didn't I find you guys sooner? I bought the 1/2 shell gloss black skull and finally, FINALLY, have found my helmet! And since I live here on the "left coast" I gotta wear one. I am happy! (excuse me got to wipe a tear and blow my

nose....there that's better). I know it may sound silly to some, getting all excited about a stupid helmet, but it is the truth ( my wife just rolled her eyes and shook her head, "Another helmet?!") My wife is now very happy for me but she has absolutely drawn the line on me wearing it to bed (go figure) This thing is soooo light, fits just perfect and NO MO MUSHROOM HEAD! And D.O.T. approved to boot.... y'all got a fan for life! Daytona Helmets Rock!!! Keep up the good work. ~Byron McClure a.k.a.

"HardLuck Harley" a.k.a. "Hard-of-hearing Harley" a.k.a. "If you bring that bike one more time into this house, you'll be sleeping with it" Harley"



 Thank you for another informative website. Where else could I get that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I've a project that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.


Your Helmets are BAD ASS! 2nd one I have bought. Thanks for making a great product as well as keeping an amazing price

Marty Qualey


I purchased a the Captain America helmet because I love the movie Easy Rider and I have to say it is the best helmet I have ever purchased! My wife is going to buy one now because she loves the chin strap and the lower profile the helmet seems to have. I plan on buying your company’s helmet from now on.


D.O.T. 1/2 Shell

Bought 3 of the 1/2 shell DOT approved helmets for 2 of my buddies and myself. All 3 of us absolutely LOVE these helmets! They are lightweight, comfortable, and look great! Customer service was awesome and I would highly recommend using this company! Overall I'd rate them an A+!!!

Rene Barthelette

Really like it

Just got it in and must say compared to the bell modular helmet It replaces, this helmet is much more comfortable, lighter and has more features, the quick release chin strap works great, the chin guard does not rub my chin like the old Bell. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I haven't had a chance to get the blue tooth communications installed but it's nice that it comes ready for it without having to modify the inner liner as I did to the old helmet. Everything they say about it is spot on except the didn't mention the free pinlock anti fog inner shield, that thing works great, huge difference with/without. The price is comparable to the old helmet with more features!!


Impact tested

My father in law bought this helmet within the past two months. He loved how it looked and felt. This past weekend him and I went on a long ride but it came to an unexpected hault when I bicyclist cut infront of us on a back country road. The bicyclists took up the entire road and when we approached them one of them (who saw us) turned hard into the middle of the road where we were going to pass them. My father in raced motorcross for many years, in order to save both of there lives he quickly locked up the brakes and laid his bike down. When they collided the bike flipped over top of them and my father in law head hit the pavement hard. The helmet only has a few scratches on the side, but there is not a single crack on it. I was in the process of looking at getting a new lid, and after seeing that I know that I'm going to be buying a Daytona helmet. Great price and definitely amazing quality 

Todd Edgell

I bought a Daytona Hi-Gloss Black Skull Cap D.O.T. Approved helmet from Daytona Helmets SKU D1-A-L, and couldn’t be happier.

I bought a Daytona Hi-Gloss Black Skull Cap D.O.T. Approved helmet from Daytona Helmets SKU D1-A-L, and couldn’t be happier.

For the price of $65.95, I was not sure what kind of quality and appearance I was going to receive.

I’ve spent much more on helmets in the past, some good some not so good. This helmet that I bought from Daytona Helmet is a high quality helmet.

The fit, size large for my head is snug without being too tight... which is what you want.

Mine came with a visor that can attach or detach with three simple snaps. You can easily answer your phone with removing your helmet. And, it comes with a secured quick release chin strap.

Thank you,


Another satisfied customer

I received my new Daytona Shadow yesterday. I gotta say, it was a perfect fit and does not require break in. It was very comfortable out of the box. My biggest issue with other brands, was how bulky they were. The Shadow was perfect and not bulky at all. I ordered the black shield which looks great. Sales staff was quick to call me prior to shipping, to advise I had ordered the wrong face shield, which they corrected. I received my helmet in 3 days. Thank you Daytona! Chris


It was money well spent!

Ive had your DOT Skull Cap for about a month. It was money well spent! Im 72 and over the years Ive had lots of helmets some costing 6 time the price of this Daytona helmet. Its COMFORTABLE-light-well made and looks great. I live in CT a non helmet required state. So for me to wear a helmet in the Summer is saying something. This is the 1st message Ive ever sent to a manufacturer about anything but wanted to tell you how impressed Im w/ your product Keep up the good designs and quality.. Best Ken 



Very good helmet , well constructed, old helmet would move around in speeds over 60, this helmet fits snug and has no movement. Also i like 1 hand unlatch feature. Highly recommended.

johnathan trotter

I was wearing your gloss German style helmet at the end of this July when I wrecked my bike doing probably at least 70 mph.

I was wearing your gloss German style helmet at the end of this July when I wrecked my bike doing probably at least 70 mph. I broke the front brim of the helmet and my jaw. But the general consensus is that I probably should have died. I am writing to let you know 3 things. One, the general need to wear a helmet. Two, I really believe your helmet kept me from breaking my nose, and crushing my skull! And three, I plan on getting another helmet. Maybe 2. I got a new bike so I'm back on it. It's flat black. It looks sharp, lol. I think your German style helmets are comfortable and they look good. And your helmet kept my brains where they should be. Thank you!

Daniel Rose

Recently went down, hit a curb at about 30-35.

Recently went down, hit a curb at about 30-35. I got thrown off and my head hit, along with my left side. Helmet didn't crack and I walked away fine. Definitely will be getting my next helmet from Daytona. Thanks for your superior equipment!


Daytona Carbon Polo

Interestingly enough, when I bought my version of this helmet it was labeled as DOT compliant and that's why I purchased the helmet. It's been the perfect 1/2 helmet for our warm-weather here in Georgia and just doing side-by-side comparisons with other DOT 1/2 helmets I've continued to wear it since seeing it's no longer sold as a DOT compliant helmet. The retention system is fantastic and perhaps one of the DOT-related issues. That said, when I need to replace this helmet I'll likely go with the same model, DOT labelled or not.

Mark Livingood

New skull cap

I purchased a Daytona leather covered Skull Cap, i never knew how crapy my old helmet fit till i got my new daytona helmet. i will be promoting daytona helmets. GREAT HELMET< WEIGHT> very happy with my purchase, 5 stars Thank you for making a great helmet

Darrel Waters

Quality Helmet

I was looking for a secondary helmet, mainly for night time riding. After wearing it for a test ride, I found myself liking this more than a Shoei helmet! Does not feel cheap, thick padding, but at the same time does not squeeze your cheeks, super comfortable. Measurements are accurate. The sun visor has no external slider, instead you slide it down like the exterior visor (no chance in getting it off the track or breaking like other helmets with internal visor). There are no "wavy" visual effects like cheaper internal helmets with visors have. Wind noise is average, nothing to complain about. Chin strap is of quality built and easy release mechanism. Very simply looking helmet but feels like it should be over $200. For $100, there are no other helmets that can compete with this.


Quality Helmet

I want to thank you for making a quality helmet i recked my bike and slid my head down the road with no injury to my head helmet scuffed up but fine thanks again.

Lloyd Worrall

Saved My Neck

I had neck and back surgery in 1998 everything went very well, however, I now have neck problems. After having physical therapy for a week I felt like a new man. I then rode my bike all day returned home and I was back to square one with much pain. My doctor said it might be my helmet. I looked to you guy's in search of a very light helmet. I ordered the half Skull Cap Helmet and it's been pain free riding everyday. I love my helmet and thanks for the great customer service.

Oh yea I also bought the ear warmers they fit and work very good.

Hubert ( U.S.M.C. )

Quality Helmet

On September 16th I was on my way home from Oklahoma City to meet up with some of the guys I rode up with. I took the exit and the rest is blank. I evidently went off road and hit a culvert and getting thrown from the bike. I did suffer a slight concussion but I was told by the Doc that if I had not been wearing my helmet it would have been so much worse. I bought this helmet about 3 years ago and have been using it since. I love the fit and the protection it has obviously offered me. It is definitely above the DOT standards. I just want to thank the company for being such a quality helmet provider. I will definitely be wearing the same kind of helmet once all is said and done. I am doing much better today and just waiting for insurance and such to get settled and then I will be back on the road again wearing a daytona helmet of course.

Tim Anderson

Your helmet saved my son in laws life !

I purchased my son in law one of your helmets as a CHRISTMAS gift last year . He had the misfortune of having a serious accident last night and your quality product has no doubt saved his life . The bike is totaled and he's got serious road rash but he will recover . From the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank you . Without your helmet my daughter would be without a husband and my grandchildren without a dad . Thank You !

Chris Kerr

Perfect helmet!!

This helmet is perfect. Nice fit and required no break in. I found it true to size. Cheek pads are nice and doesn't push on my face. I got both shields and I'll say, the dark one is intimidating. It does rattle just a little but overall it is nice. The ventilation holes do not do much but I get plenty of air through the bottom of the helmet. The quick release strap is very nice. If you're looking for a great helmet, that doesn't give u egg head, this is the one. I tried several before buying this one

Chris Maselli

Galena Pass Accident July 23, 2017

I wear my helmet 99.9% of the time. Frankly the only time I don't wear it is when I am blowing the water off after I wash it. Fortunately I had my Daytona Skull Cap Leather helmet on for this last ride of mine. We were a group of 13 riders doing what we call "The Stanley Loop" which is a 6 hour ride and about 350+ miles. One of our riders collided with oncoming traffic and cause the rider next to me and myself to go down. I was able to dodge the bike and rider next to me, but I collided with some debris that made a taco indentation in my front rim and ejected my passenger and I about 30 ft. Fortunately my skull cap too all of the damage to my head, but I still sustained a sever laceration to my left arm, broken foot and broken finger. My passenger sustained 3 fractures to the pelvis and a bone chip in the left fore arm. She was also wearing a helmet and only got a small scuff. I am here today writing this because I was wearing my favorite helmet of all time. If you are on the fence about this brand, you need not look any further. BUY IT, and WEAR IT. Regards, Mighty Mouse

Jason Clark


I was in a accident sept 6 th 2018 was wear your helmet !!! I had no damage to my head ....was in shock trauma in Baltimore md for 4 months from my injuries... 3 months in a nurseing home for rehab... I‚Äôm glad I bought my helmet from you guys.. I‚Äôm going to definitely buy another helmet for my new motorcycle, when I can ride againūüėé

John thompson

3/4 cruiser

Best fitting helmet ever! That covers 40+ years. Thanks for a great product will recommend to all. Can't go wrong with this helmet.


Will buy again, saved my life

I was rear ended last summer on the interstate, the only reason I'm able to write this today is because I was wearing one of your helmets. Cannot say thank you enough for making it possible for me to make it home to my family.


Saved My Life

I ride a Yamaha Zuma 50 Scooter. Recently I replace my Non DOT helmet with a Daytona dot skull cap without visor. Saturday night A car pulled out and hit me it was their fault. I was knocked unconscious. The paramedics that responded told me I would have died if I was not wearing this helmet. Getting this helmet was the best investment I have ever made. The helmet was lightweight and very comfortable.

J Cris

Best Helmet I Have Ever Owned

Had a lot of helmets over the years from HD to Bell and everything in between.

This is by far the best helmet I have ever owned. Love the attention to detail, quality and perfect fit! Good job Daytona. I will be wearing nothing but your helmets from now on!!

A grateful Canadian rider

Richard Carriere

Glide Modular

I searched for a lid for about 6 months after wearing a hjc cl max ll .My choices are limited as the hjc is a 5x,The Glide is wonderful by comparison with both comfort and air flow thru the helmet.It seems also to have less buffeting at speed. This helmet should be at the top of the food chain for choices.Many thanks to Classic Leathers in Morristown , Tn. for turning me on to this great helmet!


Great Customer Service

I recently purchased a skull cap from Daytona Helmets. After receiving there was an issue with the strap so I contacted customer service which was so easy to do. After reaching out to them I received an email the next day and until the issue was resolved they were constantly in touch. I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family. Thank you all so much!

Tracie Hale

Amazing customer service!!!

I ordered a helmet & it didn't fit. I can't say enough about the prompt, courteous & EXTREMELY helpful customer service I received! My issue was 100% SOLVED within less than 1 week (including shipping)! Thank you! :)


The best helmet I have ever tried!

Today, I arrived at San Antinio, and the helmets where here, at the hotel.

Everything perfect. I can't wait to ride my bike at my return in Argentina with this jewel! The best helmet I have ever tried!

Thanks a lot!


This helmet saved my life

I bought the helmet for comfort and price. 3X helmets are hard to find. But on December 5, 2014, I was exiting 1-75 South of Tampa to an interstate wayside, the police report said I hit gravel which I did not see at all. I slid about 30 MPH broke my ribs, pelvis and collar bone on the right side and had considerable road rash. The helmet was damaged greatly from the crash, but it clearly saved my life and I have no head, brain or facial injuries. I am currently ordering another helmet from the great folks at Daytona Helmets. You can buy with confidence!!!

Gerald Krueger

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